Promote Hilltop

YOU are camp’s greatest ambassador, which means you are probably already promoting Hilltop and you didn’t even know it. You’re awesome! When you talk with your family and friends about how much you love camp, you’re promoting camp! When you tell people what you give to and why, you are promoting camp. When you like and share social media posts, you’re promoting camp. It really is that easy!

So, here’s a refresher on a few things YOU can do to promote camp:

  • Talk about camp! Tell people why you love Hilltop, why you spend your summer at Hilltop, and why you share your time and talents with Hilltop.
  • Like and follow camp! It only takes one click on Facebook and Instagram! We are doing our best to keep content engaging and up to date, and we don’t want you to miss a thing!
  • Share camp! Share our event links, photos, and posts on social media. We want the people you love to come and spend time with you here, too!
  • Invite someone to enjoy camp! Ask someone to attend camp events with you, or ask someone if they would be interested in giving to support the mission you love.
  • Visit camp! Come to camp! We love seeing and hearing everyone on Hilltop! YOUR presence here encourages staff and others. YOU are why we do what we do. You are a big part of Hilltop’s story that you, we, and others get to share!
  • Thank you for promoting Hilltop and thank you for loving camp so well!