Code of Conduct for Staff, Volunteers, and Campers

Camp is to be a safe and enjoyable place for everyone! NO one should ever feel threatened or uncomfortable because of the actions or words of another camper or adult. Because this is so important to all of us at Hilltop Christian Camp, everyone is asked to follow these guidelines for appropriate/inappropriate conduct between campers and between campers and adults.

Inappropriate behavior should be reported to an adult or a note may be placed in the SAFE BOX.

  • Handshakes and high-fives
  • Younger girls/boys walking hand-in-hands
  • Short, congratulatory or greeting hugs
  • Arm around the shoulders
  • Piggybacks with young campers
  • Pats on head/shoulder/back
  • Private back rubs, arm tickles, massages, etc.
  • Touching of private parts (no exceptions!)
  • Touching a child in anger, disgust, or frustration
  • Frontal hugs with opposite sex
  • Sexual embraces, kissing
  • Lap sitting
  • Physical punishment as a form of discipline
  • Intimate wrestling or tickling
  • Public one-on-one interaction
  • Group or public environments
  • Private conversation in “eye shot” of other individuals with the knowledge of others
  • Sitting or lying on a bed with a minor
  • Private one-on-one interactions
  • Sharing a shower stall or toilet stall
  • Walking around the cabin undressed
  • After-dark interactions outside of lighted areas
  • Pranks that involve the damage of personal property
  • Pictures or videos taken in restrooms are forbidden
  • Pictures or videos of anyone in any state of undress are forbidden
  • TALK
  • Verbal praise for achievement or behavior
  • Verbal encouragement
  • Scripturally-based teaching
  • Conversational topics (likes, dislikes, struggles, issues they are facing)
  • Items of a sexual nature should be gender based, age appropriate, and in group setting
  • Compliments or questions relating to physique or body development
  • Sexual jokes, homosexual innuendo, or bathroom humor
  • Swearing or vulgar language
  • Individual secrets or special gifts
  • Sexual coaching or conversation
  • Any conversation that encourages sinful behavior (e.g. drug use, pornography, homosexuality, underage drinking, adultery, sex before marriage, lying, stealing; 1 Cor 6:9-11)
  • Harassment, bullying, ridicule, excessive teasing
  • Hilltop defines bullying as when someone repeatedly and on purpose says or does mean and/or hurtful things to another person. Inappropriate behavior that leads to dismissal may or may not constitute bullying.


    Faculty are required to take immediate action to correct behavior if it involves a camper. Notify Dean or Event Coordinator if behavior is not corrected. If it involves a staff member or faculty member, notify the Dean or Event Coordinator and/or Camp Manager immediately.

    Campers are expected to report inappropriate behavior of other campers to an adult immediately. If inappropriate behavior is by an adult, campers are asked to report this to an adult outside his/her cabin. Campers are encouraged to use the Safe Box to report behavior, especially if it continues after sharing with an adult who has knowledge of the situation.

    The Safe Box is located in the foyer of the main building, also known as “Stuckey’s.” To use, place a note in the mail slot of the office front door. The Safe Box will be checked daily by designated office personnel who have limited contact with children. Comments needing further investigation will be reported to the Camp Manager immediately.


    Any infraction of Hilltop policies will potentially be grounds for dismissal, whether by a paid staff member, volunteer faculty member, or camper. A violation of one of these policies could not only be perceived as a violation of one’s person by a staffer, volunteer, or camper, but could result in legal consequences.

    Help keep Hilltop a place ``where Christ and a great time go together.``