Hilltop Camp Rules

Camp Rules

1. Campers will be under the direct supervision of the dean(s) of the session and are expected to abide by the camp schedule.

2. Personal conduct is to be compatible with Christian ideals and reflection of the Statement of Faith.

3. Campers are not to leave the camp without the dean’s permission. If there is a need for the camper to leave during the week, written permission from a parent/guardian is required. Vehicles driven by campers must be parked, locked and the keys left in the office during the week.

4. All sickness and accidents must be reported to the dean or first-aid personnel immediately.

5. Possession and/or use of tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs is prohibited.

6. Possession of firearms, fireworks, or weapons is prohibited.

7. Food, candy and drinks are not permitted in the dorms or gym.

8. Items that detract from camp activities must be left at home. (cell phones, i-pod/ipad, CD/MP3 players, other electronics)

9. Clothing requirements: Modesty and decency must prevail. Modest shorts are permitted. Bikinis, cutout swim suits, short shorts, spaghetti strap/strapless shirts/dresses and bare midriffs are not permitted. Shirts and shoes must be worn while outside the dorms.

10. Swimming is permitted only when the life guard is on duty. Swimming is not permitted at the lake & all boaters must wear a life jacket.

11. Campers and their parents/guardians will be held responsible for any damage caused by negligence or unruly conduct.

Hilltop Christian Camp reserves the right to confiscate any personal property belonging to a camper that is in violation of stated camp rules. It will be returned to parents when the session is over.

In an effort to provide a safe and secure camp for your children, Hilltop Christian Camp performs a criminal history background check on all adult paid staff and summer camp volunteers.