Bed Bug Protocol

Bed Bug Protocol

According to the CDC and State/Local health departments bed bugs do not spread disease.

Campers should not be excluded from camp due to bed bugs.

If a suspected bed bug is found on a person(s) or their belongings, the camp staff or designee should privately and with dignity, follow these guidelines:

1. Discreetly remove campers from the area so a qualified staff and/or faculty can perform an inspection of the campers’ clothing and other belongings (including but not limited to: shoes, jackets, hats, luggage/bags, bedding, etc.).

2. Check areas where the camper sleeps. Bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers, and though they feed on humans and rapidly retreat, they can be found in many locations. Thoroughly inspect the area for insects, fecal points, cast skin and eggs.

3. If bed bugs are found in a persons belongings, place the items in a large plastic bag and seal tightly. Take measures so as to not call undue attention to any child.

4. Please place any found specimens in a sealed Ziploc bag or on a piece of tape, taking special care not to crush the insect.

5. The entire sleeping area where the bed bug is found will be treated in multiple ways:

  • Wash/Dry any items where the bed bug is found. (The process would need to be repeated by the parent prior to taking items into their home.)
  • Vacuum the beds including the top, bottom, base board, edge, etc.
  • Check mattress encasement for any holes or tears and replace or seal the tear with duct tape
  • Steam all cracks and crevices in the area
  • Spray isopropyl alcohol in cracks and crevices
  • These procedures will be done daily if children are present in the area. When children/guests are not present (usually during the weekend for summer camp) the area will be professionally treated by Burt’s Termite & Pest Control, Inc.

    6. At the end of the session, campers’ belongings from the effected area will be packed in a plastic bag for pickup by parent. A letter detailing what was done and suggestions for the parent will be handed out at pickup.

    7. A letter will be handed out on the next check-in day to the parents of campers staying in the treated dorm room letting them know of the occurrence and how it was dealt with.