The Well – Hilltop Women’s Retreat 2022


-a time of reflection, refreshment, fellowship, and worship-

In John 4:14 the Samaritan woman that met Jesus at the well did so in the midst of her everyday duties. She went to the well to gather water, which is essential for sustaining life. What she found there was so much more! Essential and sustaining yes, but her pause at the well was life changing, energizing, and compelling. Jesus offered a living water that would never run dry! She immediately went to share her story, her experience, so that others might come to know him too and thirst no more…and they did!

Come to “The Well” at Hilltop and pause from your everyday. We hope you experience a time of reconnection, reflection, refreshment, and renewal. Our prayer is that your experience here would reenergize you and compel you to share your story so that others might come to know Jesus too.


Guest Speaker Laura Stuart 

Laura is from Nashville, IN and attends Nashville Christian Church. Laura co-founded Deeper Truth Ministries in 2013 and has taught at Bible conferences in Kenya as well as locally. She has a Certificate in Ministry to Women from Moody Bible Institute. Her calling is Bible literacy; her passion is helping women discover deeper truths in God’s Word and live out those truths in everyday life.

Worship Leaders: The Melton Ladies (of the Dave Melton Family) & Friends
Krista and Kadee Melton along with Rhonda McNerney and Shelley Gilpin

Cost: $45 for Friday & Saturday
$20 for Fri. Only / $25 for Sat. Only

(cost includes all food, lodging, materials, and programming)

Friday check-in at 6pm – event starts at 7- Saturday check-in at 8:10am event starts at 8:30)

– Space is Limited-
Register by 4/7 to avoid $10 late registration fee

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