POLAR PLUNGE 2021 – The virtual plunge for FUNdraising!

It’s time – the Annual Polar Plunge is on! This year’s FUNdraiser is sure to bring some entertainment to you and your cooped up crew as individuals AND groups compete in this wacky virtual event!

Who among you are brave enough to take the plunge for Hilltop?! You are only limited by your imagination with this year’s virtual plunge! Assemble your team or go it alone but the rules are simple!

The Rules: Get cold, be safe, and don’t forget to document it!

You can take the Virtual Plunge whenever and however you like! Creativity is key. Whether you’re dipping into an ice cold tub of jello or adding a bucket of ice water to your favorite TikTok dance, the opportunities are endless!

Make sure to video your plunge! Send your Plunge Video to camp by Feb 9th so we can release them all together for public voting on February 13th & 14th. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

All funds from this raiser will benefit the 75FUND – once we reach $10,000 we can start the BIG ZIPLINE project! YOU can help make this happen in 4 easy steps!! 
1. Register 2. Set a goal & Collect donations 3. Video your plunge! 4. Bask in your generous glory!

REGISTER HERE! Registration is open January 1st thru February 1st.

I will DONATE HERE but I dare not Plunge! If you dare not plunge yourself – be sure to support your favorite plunger by donating. Just put their name in the “comments” section to  make sure they can count your donation toward their goal!

Hilltop is a place where Christ and a great time go together – so make your decision to plunge so that future campers can experience God in new ways and exciting ways here and make a decision to take the ultimate plunge for Jesus!


Here are some ideas to help you get started!

– Add a bucket of ice water to your favorite TikTok dance
– Take the Plunge into a bathtub full of ice water
– Take a kiddie pool Plunge in your back yard
– Freeze your beard or hair
– Ice cream Plunge??
– Dump an iced beverage from your favorite coffee shop on your head
– Swimsuit snow angels
– Winter water balloon fight
– Insert your best idea here!


BE SAFE! Attempting to jump into a lake, river or any other body of water may cause injury. Do not do anything that could physically harm yourself or others. Hilltop Christian Camp is not responsible for any injuries that occur while participating in the Virtual Plunge.

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