Celebration Dinner – A Time To Remember

Hilltop is having a Celebration Dinner “A Time to Remember”
to be held on October 8th & 9th.

There will be live music, a video presentation looking back over Hilltop’s 75 years, and a catered meal for all settings. Friday and Saturday evening (6pm-8:30pm) we will enjoy live contemporary music and the Saturday matinee (12:30pm-3:00pm)we will enjoy live Southern Gospel music. There will be a few guest speakers at each seating and time for sharing Hilltop memories.

God is doing great things at and through Hilltop Christian Camp! We invite you to join us in this very important event to benefit the mission and continued ministry of Hilltop. Prayerfully consider how God will use you for His purpose during this event. A few ideas how you could help:

Be  a “Table Sponsor” at $60 per table.
Your donation will help offset the cost of the meal and other event related expenses. Your sponsorship will be featured on the table and program for the evening.

Be a “Table Host”.
Commit to invite guests to fill a table with six potential donors. We would love for you to both sponsor and host a table(s).

Be an “Event Sponsor” at $1060.
Your donation will help cover the expenses for an entire evening event.

Be there! I would like to attend the dinner and event. The meal is free; please know this is a fundraising event.

Please fill out the form below and let us know what to plan for your visit:


or mail a check to: Hilltop Christian Camp 6014 Hamilton Creek Road, Columbus, IN 47201

All funds in excess of the event expenses will be applied to our fundraising goal of $28,000 which will be used for the “75Fund”. The 75Fund projects include the Zipline (completed 2021), Zip Zap lines (completed 2020), an upgrade to the registration program (projected for Fall 2021), and the strategic debt reduction plan (in process).

Please contact the camp office for more details at 812.988.4991 or email camp at hilltop@hilltopchristiancamp.com

This is a fundraising event for Hilltop Christian Camp.
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